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Welcome to Munchies & More!

John with ScarecrowWhat is "Munchies & More"? It's a unique home shopping service owned and operated by John Van Houwe (at left) that brings groceries and cleaning supplies to the people of Erie County, Pennsylvania. Instead of taking time out from your busy day to drive to a grocery or convenience store, plod through the aisles, wait in a lengthy checkout line, and then load everything in your car, you call us! We come to your doorstep in our bus. All you do is step aboard and make your selections. We'll even help you carry your products into your house. Munchies & More is especially appreciated by busy families, those who don't drive, and shut-ins, but everyone loves our courteous service, wide selection, and reasonable prices!

You call and we come!

Everything you need is right here on our bus. We carry fresh, frozen, and canned goods, drinks, meats, treats, personal items, and cleaning supplies. Our products are manufactured by nationally-known brands like Nabisco, General Mills, and Frito-Lay. All our products are fresh and first-quality; we won't sell expired or damaged merchandise.

What's the catch?

There isn't one! There are no memberships to buy, no purchase minimums, no hidden fees or obligations of any kind! You pay only for the items you select. Munchies & More accepts EBT/food stamps and credit cards.

Want more information?

Just call John, the owner, at 504-3248. He'll be happy to answer all your questions and/or schedule a stop at your home. Remember, you have no obligation to buy!

Last Update: October 17, 2013
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